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The Head Spa



Immerse yourself in a world of total luxury while your hair and scalp are pampered and you are transported to a state of deep relaxation.

After an in-depth consultation and scalp analysis, a custom hair and scalp treatment will be designed exclusively for you. As you enter our suite, the warmth of surrounding candlelight, aromatherapy and relaxing spa music set the atmosphere for your head spa experience.

During your treatment you will receive a pre-scalp cleanse and two stimulating shampoos to detox the scalp and remove any build up restoring the scalp to a healthy state.

During your visit we will use our Korean halo rainfall, a nano steamer along with various massage techniques and hair treatments to nourish and strengthen your hair and scalp.

To finish we will apply our signature hair perfume.


To add to your experience we also offer some add on's such as;

Combination Treatment $15

Mini -facial  $30

Anti Aging Heated Hand Treatment  $20

Hair Gloss $20

10 Minutes of Extra Massage $20

Long Hair $20 (below the shoulder blades)

Blow Out $25-50




How much does a Head Spa Treatment cost?

$80 plus add on's


How Do I book an Appointment?

Call 615-851-9911, e-mail us at MirrorMirrorHairStudioAndSpa@gmail.com or message us from the "Contact Us" page


Who can Benefit from The Head Spa?

Everyone can!


What are the Benefits of a Head Spa Treatment?

Reduces Stress

Address's Scalp issues (oiliness, dandruff, psoriasis, thinning hair due to hormonal changes, postpartum, covid, vitamin deficiencies, weight loss)

Hydrates Dry Hair and Scalp

Reduces Frizz

Adds shine and volume